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Pozvánka - konference: 7th Stevia Convention, 11. - 12. 6. 2015, Berlín
Datum: 13.05.2015


This is just a quick reminder that the 7th Stevia Convention is taking place in Berlin on June 11-12.

   Join us for two full days of targeted content and led case studies focused entirely on the unique challenges that WSO face - this is a great opportunity to come together and hear what others are doing in order to grow members and ensure success.  

  We will highlight many challenges face stevia: Science & medicine, market & opportunities, impact on consumers.

Among Speakers & Topics already confirmed

Gertrud Morlock, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany

  High-performance thin-layer chromatography analysis of steviol glycosides in Stevia formulations and sugar-free food products, and benchmarking with (ultra) high-performance liquid chromatography




Nikolai Reynolds, Ipsos InnoQuest, Germany
Stevia as an Innovation in the Food and Beverage Sector


Sai Prakash Chaturvedula, Wisdom Natural Brands, USA
Stevia rebaudiana-Current Status and Future Prospects


Yaroslav Shevshenko, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

  Determination Stevia Rebaudiana Improves the Antioxidant Activity and Palatability of Green Coffee Etracts


Maik Behrens, German Institute of Human Nutrition Pots-dam-Rehbruecke, Germany

  Gustatory and extragustatory functions of mammalian taste receptors



Buhara Yücesan, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey

  Biotechnological aspects on high quality Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) production


Tomoko Hatara, World Stevia Organization, Japan   

Stevia & Health: Recent Advances & Directions
- Stevia to prevent metabolic syndrom
- Stevia & diabetes: the golden challenge

    Refik Büyükgöçmen, POLISAN Tarim, Turkey  

  Recent advances in Stevia Growing: a Turkish Practical Case


  During Stevia Tasteful World Congress 2015, the scientific committee invites all academics and industrials to present their recent researches and innovations for:

  • Recent researches with stevia
  • Food & Beverage Formulation with Stevia
  • Stevia After-Taste Reduction
  • Stevia Extraction
  • Others

You have until April.30 to submit your abstract for the Stevia Tasteful World Congress 2015.


 >> View the programme 
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Stevia Awards 2015 - Tasting Procedure

We are confident that this year's congress will not only provide you with rich, educational content but also unbeatable networking opportunities - make sure your organisation is represented!


For more information about Stevia Awards, please follow this link.

  If you have any questions, please contact us directly on wso(at)wso-site.com.

  We hope you can join us in June.

  John Edwards, World Stevia Organisation